It's back for the 2nd Year in a Row!

Last year's Family Fun Day was awesome.  

Thanks to the over 300 people who came out to enjoy the day last May!

This year's event will be Next Saturday April 30th from 10am to 5pm.  Read on to get ready for an awesome day of free zip lining, meeting adventurous families just like yours, and the many wonders of a day out in the mountains!

Plan Ahead & Prepare - Get the most out of Family Fun Day

Plan to arrive mid-morning to mid-afternoon (10am to about 2pm) to ensure you have enough time to do the activities you want and have time to wander Base Camp to your heart's content.

Pack water bottles, sunscreen, comfortable socks and closed-toed athletic shoes for Zip Line & Hiking, and the Climbing Wall.  Thinking of venturing into the pond for a turn in a canoe or a paddleboard?  Pack water shoes and clothes that can get wet--our Bath House is a great place to change and dry off before and after!

For those of you who may be thinking of bringing your entire scout pack, a full softball team, or any other large group: You're more than welcome, but please remember that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian in order to participate in activities.  We also recommend that you split up and enjoy the day in groups of less than 8 -- this will help us keep a good flow at each activity.

Some safety considerations: As mentioned above, anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian present to supervise and sign an activity waiver!  Zip Liners and Wall Climbers must be between 65 & 250 pounds.  Closed-toed shoes are required for Zip Liners!

Find out more, and let us know your thoughts about Family Fun Day here.  

Nam Pha Pa Yai Climbers Camp

Please enjoy this blog entry from two of our senior staff on their winter travels.  One of the benefits of being on staff is the chance to travel in the less-busy months.  Austin Bunn and Robyn Martin have seized this opportunity with gusto and have been venturing through Thailand, Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia since November.  The following entry is dated 2/22-25/16.

We have been here at Nam Pha Pa Yai for four days now and have climbed everyday. Nam PhaPa Yai translates to “river camp big forest”. In total, we have climbed 28 pitches and 24 different routes. We have climbed at three of the four crags here with two of them being by the Pasak river and the other one in a bamboo forest near the camp. 

Each morning, our day starts off with lots of stretching and chilling out before breakfast is severed at 8am. Once done with breakfast, we head off to the crags. This means grabbing our climbing gear and a zip line pulley before heading down to the rivers edge. Once there, we climb into a wooden platform attached to a tree high above the river and attach ourselves to a cable that stretches from one bank to the other. ZOOOMMM!!! Off you go, zipping across the beautiful Pasak river to the other side where a wall of beautiful limestone awaits you.

By noon or shortly after, we head back to the other side for lunch. This again means another zip line experience across the river. I enjoy having to go back and forth for climbing and camp visits as I really enjoy zip lining. Robyn, who before this place really did not care for zip lining at all, has found a way to somewhat enjoy it. As you approach the take off areas for your zip you always pass this sign that says “Do Not use the Zip Line for FUN!” I cant help but laugh at this, as each time is always fun. Sometimes, I even find myself forgetting things or needing to use the toilet just so I can zip line one extra time during the day. 

After lunch, we usually take a long break to let the hot part of the day pass. During this time, we play board games, read, chat, or play with the camp dogs.There is a puppy here that both Robyn and I love and kinda want to take with us for the rest of our travels. In the afternoon, we manage to get in a few more climbs before either the heat gets to us or the sun starts to make its way over the edge of the cliffs. 

Night time is my favorite here. It starts with a nice cool shower after hanging up the sweaty gear by our tent. This is usually followed by some down time to either read, play cards, internet, or chat with the only other camper here besides us. Gerald is an older fellow from Germany. He has been biking his way through Southeast Asia as well as climbing. Being such a strong climber, we enjoy having him join us each day because if we can not put up a route, he usually is willing and able.

Night time also means dinner which is my favorite here. Joy’s (camp host) mother cooks dinner every night which always consist of rice and usually some type of curry. Man is it sooo good! Not only is it unbelievably good, it is buffet style, all you can eat! Being only three of us, means we can eat until we simply can not fit anymore into our bodies. This truly is a climbers’ dream. Being on the rock all day you burn an amazing amount of calories. 

Tomorrow is our last full day here before heading off to Chiang Mai. We leave around 8pm to the near by town and catch an eight hour long night bus. This means we have one more day to enjoy here climbing and eating wonderful food. Robyn and I are planning on getting on the only multi-pitch here which takes you to the top of the cliff overlooking the river valley. 

We are both looking forward to some “tourist” time in Chiang Mai and Pai, as our bodies are both in need of some rest from climbing. Im sure there will be stories to be told so keep checking in! 


Austin & Robyn are two of our year-round staff members as well as Climbing Instructors.  Robyn hails from New York and in addition to climbing and travelling, she's an avid mountain biker and serves as our Bike Barn Manager.  Austin is from South Carolina and adds to his many outdoor interests an affinity for white water kayaking and is our Base Camp Manager.

To read more about their off-season adventure check out their blog: "The Plunge."  The two have been travelling across southeast Asia and climbing where ever they can!  

To Austin & Robyn, hope the adventures are many and the laughs hearty!  Stay safe and see you when you get back!  

Access to the climb

Access to the climb

Our new "Best Friend"

Our new "Best Friend"

Hanging up sweaty gear

Hanging up sweaty gear

Austin leading a 6a  (Sadao)

Austin leading a 6a  (Sadao)